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Different Types Of Pool Resurfacing That Can Be Done

If you think that your swimming pool has aged and its surface does not look at its best shape and condition then it’s time for you to consider pool resurfacing. If you locate any cracks, discoloration or blister at the surface of the pool then you must consider having the surfacing the pool done again.

Pool Resurfacing provides a new look to the pool and ensures proper performance and functioning of the pool. Before you carry out the work of resurfacing, you should properly perform the draining and also need to clean the pool properly with the wire brush. You also need to choose what type of surface you would like to have in your pool. Generally, there are various types of surfaces available that you can choose such as :

Pool plaster – Nowadays pools are widely surfaced or coated with the pool plaster. This is basically cement mixed with limestone and marble. This surfacing is also very cheap and it can last up to 7 years.

Pebble finish – This is also basically a plaster but few aggregates are mixed. Adding of the aggregates makes the plaster more durable as well as stain resistant. This finish is a little rough but it can last up to 12 years.

Quartz finish – In this finish, quartz aggregate is mixed with the plaster. This will provide good color to the surface and it is also stain resistant as compared to any other type of plaster. This finish surfacing can last for 15 years.