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Multicoloured Abaya Is Designed According To the Tradition and Current Fashion

Burqa is an outer garment, which Muslim women cover their body and faces with, when they move out in public places. It is a happily followed rule by females of Islamic religion. Abaya is somewhat similar to burqa. Both attires are worn by Muslim girls to hide their body because it is advised that they need to conceal their persona, when they go public, so as not to attract male. Let’s understand the difference between burqa and abaya.


Burqa is a long black cloak, which Muslim female wears. Even her face gets concealed behind a heavy fabric. They can easily see outside but no one can see their face inside. Women wearing burqa often wear black stockings and gloves, so no one can see their skin except their husbands. You can buy abayas online, which is trendy, but designed according to tradition.


Western designers have designed a similar garment called abaya, which is a cloak styled loose fitting robe that covers her form neck to toe. Abaya has face veil that covers face except her eyes, which is called hijab. Wearing abaya with hijab means a complete Islamic dress code that identifies your faith. Abaya signifies a Muslim female’s shyness and modesty, so ladies in abaya are respected in public places.

Muslim girls Abaya is in demand. Multi-coloured abaya has been designed but they are similar to their old ones, but blended with today’s style. Check out the latest collection and buy abayas online, at low prices.

Benefits of wearing abaya

  1. Black coloured abaya gives a streamlined look to female of any size. It does not define the shape of your body.
  2. Helps to keep men’s eyes away from sexy curves of a female body.
  3. No need to be concerned about what to wear. This long black dress takes you everywhere from trips to 5 star hotel to shopping, weddings, and even mourning’s.
  4. According to scientific research, abaya keeps harmful sun rays away from the skin and saves wearers from skin cancer.
  5. You get a lot of options to select from in regards to style, colours, materials, embellishments, and embroidery.

Abaya collection for every Muslim girl and women

Today, many Eastern and Western girls wear abaya for style but there are Muslim ladies, who adorn abayas to respect their religion code. The trend to wear abayas started 20 years ago.

Since then designers have been designing fashionable abaya collection. It includes an array of fancy burqa for the new brides or for women to attend an evening party, where they do not desire to show their personality.

There are the small baby girls, who look very cute wearing abaya , which include flair-style, umbrella style, embroidery, straight-style, frock-style, A-line style, open-style and more. It is not a necessity to wear only black abaya, but wearing colorful ones the girls look very innocent.

Abaya is the most genuine and precise example of Islamic ethnic wearing style. Islamic women living in Europe wear abaya to convey their appreciated Muslim identity.

Bring Smile On The Face Of Your Loved Ones By Giving Gift

Gifts are liked by everyone, especially if they are given by dear ones. Gift is the perfect way to show your love, care and respect for the receiver. It helps in strengthening the bond between the giver and the receiver. Generally, gifts are given on some occasion like birthday, wedding or on success etc. but many times giving surprise gifts does wonders in your relationship.


Shopping for the gift

“What to buy?” It is a common problem which is faced by everyone while purchasing the gifts. Mostly people get confused when they go to the gift store for buying the gifts. There are so many options available in the market that it is really difficult to choose one item. So, when you plan to purchase the gift, you should make sure that you set your mind for what you are looking for and for whom. Allot a budget so that you can refine your search and also save money. Generally greeting cards, flowers or any useful thing is the best idea for giving as a gift.


Online gift store

In UK, there are many online gift stores from where you can purchase cards and gifts. They have huge collection of cards and gifts which help you in making the right selection. You can find the items listed under different categories which make it easy for you to pick the right item. Different categories enable the buyers to quickly navigate the section for which they are looking for instead of wasting their time in browsing for all the items.

Designer Watches To Improve Your Style Statement

With time, the watches have become much more than just a way to have a check on time. With the arrival of trendy and stylish watches in the market, it helps you make a new style statement about yourself. Everyone these days is quite peculiar about the looks and design of his watch to go with the durability.
You can buy from a unique collection of watches including the Audemars Piguet watches to flaunt a new style. These watches help you a lot in ameliorating your looks and making you feel special. Here are some of the most trending male wrist watches that you can try to bolster your style statement:


Black and Gold Designer Watch:

With its eye-catching looks and unique designs, these watches have developed themselves as one of the top choices as far as the men’s watch is concerned. Especially, when you are looking for timeless watches, then you can definitely add one of these to your collection. The smooth and polished finish is definitely going to make it easier for you to buy these.

Stylish Watches with micro-second watch:

These watches are specially designed for the sports persons or the spies who are very careful about the time. These watches have multiple displays that will help you to even keep a track on the mili and micro seconds that are so very important for the racers. These watches are also very durable to adjust to the needs of the racer who drive in tough conditions.